$5 Million Contest

Semifinalist_Map_v8_web_front_3Knoxville is one of 50 cities across the nation chosen to compete in a two-year $5 million competition to see which city can reduce its energy consumption the most. The winning city gets $5 million.  The City of Knoxville is focusing on its municipal buildings, the public schools in Knoxville are focusing on their buildings.  Knoxville Scores encourages Knoxville residents to get a home energy audit and increase their home’s energy efficiency.   Read more.


Contest Updates


Knoxville Scores surpasses 2015 goal:  KUB has reported as of November 9, Knoxville Scores has blown past its 2015 goal of 1000 completed eScore home energy audits, with a total score of 1029!  And we still have nearly two months left in this year!

sports-team-clipart-0511-1010-2415-5851_Sports_fans_rooting_for_their_team_clipart_imageKnoxville Scores Game Plan

The biggest button for the City of Knoxville to push for the most home energy savings is to get a home energy audit through the KUB/TVA eScore program.

For other ways to save energy, look at the Score Four Challenge for Homeowners and Renters. These residential energy saving measures will give you the most energy savings for your buck.

If you want to do more, tell others about the contest and about your successes in reducing your power bills are great places to start. Encourage friends to get the eScore home energy audit.

By saving energy within our homes, everyone wins. Not only do you bring Knoxville closer to victory over the other cities, but you will reap the benefits of energy efficiency.


logomark-rgb-10gWant a Free eScore Audit?

The TVA eScore home energy audit by itself costs $75.  You can get a free energy audit when you get your home heating system tuned up for the winter plus you will get back a $15 TVA rebate.  Many contractors will have special deals, charging between $59 – 100 for a tune-up.  Once the tune-up is done by a Quality Control Network contactor, TVA will do a free audit.  To learn more and register, go to the eScore website:  www.2escore.com


Picture5Where Total Home Energy Dollars Go

Nearly half the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.

Homeowners can learn here about ways to reduce energy use.  Renters can learn here.



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